Deal Commander - Annual Subscription

€1,317.03 €790.22 SAVE 40% 7 day trial

Deal Commander - Monhtly Subscription

€119.73 €71.84 SAVE 40% 7 day trial

Deal Commander uses the most relevant information from your HubSpot portal to craft reports based on the performance of your sales teams and allows you to segment the information by Country, Product, Teams or Users.

Both sales team managers and representatives can quickly access their most relevant data in a visual format, including the amount of business generated and current status, products sold, and income earned. Information is pulled automatically from your HubSpot and turned into graphics and KPIs.

This interactive application’s dashboard lets you easily navigate and filter panels as you wish by business closing date, products, sales teams, or regions.

This data can help you identify possible bottlenecks, detect new opportunities, determine how business is progressing, or have a more detailed overview of how your sales teams and representatives are doing by zones.

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